Spray Foam Roofing Systems


Spray Foam Roofing Systems


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General Coatings provides
  • Roofing foam and elastomeric coatings for Cool Roof Systems
  • Tank and cold storage insulation systems.
  • Building insulation systems
  • Building materials for waterproofing and protection
  • Waterproofing for concrete protection
  • Custom formulations
  • Full warranties available
  • All roofing materials and coatings are fully certified


Our primers are formulated to provide maximum adhesion of polyurethane foam and coatings to various substrates. They provide short-term protection from the elements and create an excellent surface for bonding of polyurethane foam and/or coatings. Surfaces in which a primer is going to be applied must be clean, dry and free of any foreign material such as grease, oil, water, dirt, etc.

Ultra-Bond 10: Acrylic Emulsion Primer
  • May be applied to BUR roofing, concrete, plywood and some metallic surfaces
  • Can be applied using airless spray equipment
  • Single component product
Black Waterborne Acrylic Emulsion Primer -> Single Component
(BUR, Concrete, PlyWood and Metallic Surfaces )
Ultra-Bond 15: Polyamide Epoxy Primer
  • May be applied directly to bare, properly prepared steel, usually in a three-coat primer/topcoat system
  • Also use over zinc-rich primers, either as finish coats, or as a barrier coat for conventional finishes
  • Used for severe service and marine exposures, also for sustained immersion
  • Can be applied using airless spray equipment, brush, or roller
  • Two component product
Polyamide Epoxy Primer -> plural component
(Steel, Concrete )
Ultra-Bond 16: Clear Acrylic Primer
  • May be applied to BUR roofing, concrete, plywood and some metallic surfaces
  • Can be applied using airless spray equipment
  • Single component product
Clear, Waterborne Acylic Primer -> single component
(BUR, Concrete, Plywood, Metallic Surfaces )


GCMC SPF are proven, reliable and certified meet the rigorous protection demands of Architects, Contractors and Building Owners. Each of our spray foam products has been tested to meet your specific project needs.

Benefits of GCMC SPF Foams

  • Energy Efficient
  • Weather Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Seamless
  • Reduces Insulation Time & Costs
  • Enhances Resistance to Wind Uplift
  • Protects Against Hail Damage
  • Covers Geometric Shapes & Protrusions
  • Self Flashing
  • Easy to Apply
  • Available in Diffrent Densities
  • Higher Yields
Ultra-Thane 230: Rigid Polyurethane Foam
  • Used in roofing as a superior thermal insulation and waterproofing product for new and remedial roofing
  • Used in cold storage as the insulation of choice for maintaining the rigid climatic conditions
  • Used to insulate both hot and cold storage tanks
  • Two component spray-in-place rigid monolithic polyurethane foam
  • Can be formulated in a variety of densities to accommodate a broad range of applications, but most commonly 2.0 lb, 2.7 lb and 3.0 lb
  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals
CLOSED CELL, SPRAY FOAMS -> Available in different speeds & densities
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